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CHIPPING DROP OFF AREA:   A vegetation disposal area is located behind the Borough Garage on Third Street.  Materials must come from a Palmerton Borough property only.  Branches, limbs or small trees must be ½” to 9” in diameter.  Lawn clippings may be placed in the designated area.

Items not accepted include contractor disposal, milled lumber, rock or dirt, vine clippings, landscape or railroad ties, brick or block, and any manufactured board, metal, asphalt or fiberglass product.

Wood chip mulch is available to residents free of charge with prior arrangements.  Call the Borough Office at 610-826-2505 to request mulch.

RECYCLING – The Borough of Palmerton recycles aluminum, steel, and tin cans; clear, green or brown glass; plastics #1 through #7; newspapers, magazines, office paper, phone books, and corrugated cardboard.  All items can be co-mingled in recycling containers for collection.  Please rinse containers and remove any lids and caps.

STREET SWEEPINGThe current street sweeping schedule will continue until October 31.  Check the beginning of your block for parking regulations.

REFUSE COLLECTION: Please remember Ordinance 549 regulating the placement of garbage for collection, as follows: “No acceptable waste shall be placed or allowed to be placed or shall remain in containers on or along any public street, alley, sidewalk, or curb or between the sidewalk and curb prior to 24 hours before the specified day of collection.  Empty containers shall be removed no later than 6:00 pm the day following collection.”  Violators will be cited.

PALMERTON’S 100th ANNIVERSARY:  Mr. Peter Kern, President of the Palmerton Area Chamber of Commerce has announced plans for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of Palmerton.  The opportunity for a centennial celebration comes along once in a hundred years.  We would be remiss if we did not take advantage of this moment in Palmerton’s history to promote our community.  The Chamber of Commerce encourages each civic organization to become involved in plans to celebrate this event, and suggests the formation of a steering committee to coordinate activities and to solicit support.

A preliminary meeting was held by the Lehigh Gap Historical Society in June, with monthly meetings scheduled, to plan a year of celebration.  All civic organizations are being asked for their input and help in making this a huge suggest.  Please feel free to contact Larry Yeakel of the Lehigh Gap Historical Society (377-1195) for more information or if you are willing to help with this celebration.

Facts About Palmerton Borough:

Founded 1898, Incorporated October 14, 1912

Area – 2.44 Square Miles

Population 5394 (1990 Census figure)

Elevation – 401.50 ft.

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