Trash Pick Up

  • 5 Bag Limit
  • Trash can’t be placed out for collection earlier than 24 hours prior to scheduled collection day.
  • No Tires, plumbing fixtures, building materials, car parts, televisions
  • Electronic recycling event held 2 times a year
  • Trash hauler will take:
    • Carpet: Rolled up and tied into small bundles
    • Paint: Dried or mixed with an absorbent such as cat litter or saw dust
    • Yard Pruning’s: Tied into bundles no larger than 40 inches long
    • Furniture & Appliances: one item per week
    • Appliances: Must have the Freon removed by a certified technician and tagged.

REFUSE COLLECTION: Please remember Ordinance 549 regulating the placement of garbage for collection, as follows: “No acceptable waste shall be placed or allowed to be placed or shall remain in containers on or along any public street, alley, sidewalk, or curb or between the sidewalk and curb prior to 24 hours before the specified day of collection.  Empty containers shall be removed no later than 6:00 pm the day following collection.”  Violators will be cited.

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